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Diablo III Monk More Effective Operative Skills Share

10/31/2013 3:22:47 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]As a professional Diablo 3 supplier, has shared much helpful information for players. No matter official news, game guides or discussion topics, we make no effort to provide what you need. Here we are going to share some useful and effective operative skills of diablo 3 classes which would help you play the game more smoothly. Keep tuned.


This time let’s know more about monk. Master these shortcuts and make your monk shining.


1. Wave of Light rune choose: Wall of Light, Empowered Wave and Pillar of the Ancients are use more than the other two. In general freshmen like Empowered Wave because it reduces spirit cost, while veteran players prefer Wall of Light and Pillar of the Ancients more to keep output and efficiency. The conclusions are: a) Wall of Light has 3+1 attack chances, and Pillar of the Ancients has 1+1 times. Their total damage is the same. b) Only Pillar of the Ancients can raise Elemental Damage equipment effect. c) Use Pillar of the Ancients when in team battles.



2. Exploding Palm rune choose: Many freshmen give up this skill because of low dps or lack spirit. Read the description “it explodes and deals 50% of the target's maximum Life as Physical damage to all nearby enemies” you’ll know how strong this skill is. The Flesh is Weak is the most used rune which add 12% additional damage and has a wide range of application. No matter normal monsters or elites, with it you can kill them easily, usually there will be 3 or 4 elites killed at the same time. This rune will cost much spirit in battles with elites. You’d better find a monster with medium blood level when spirit is not that much. If there are a group of enemies, make sure you use the skill in the centre of them for the explosive range is round.




3. Guiding Light activate: Diablo III freshmen think that only Mantra of Healing and Breath of Heaven can activate Guiding Light. In fact Cyclone Strike with rune Soothing Breeze and Inner Sanctuary with rune Safe Haven can get that effect too.