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Diablo III Witch Doctor More Effective Operative Skills Share

10/30/2013 11:58:16 AM

[Diablo III Guide]As a professional Diablo 3 supplier, has shared much helpful information for players. No matter official news, game guides or discussion topics, we make no effort to provide what you need. Here we are going to share some useful and effective operative skills of diablo 3 classes which would help you play the game more smoothly. Keep tuned.
Yesterday we talked about barbarian, today it comes to witch doctor. Are you ready to know more?

1. Use Hex precisely: Hex is a very useful skill of witch doctor to fight with elites and key monsters. Notice that the skill can’t hex large monsters and boss (except key monsters in Act IV). Now the most popular rune is Jinx, but many freshmen feel hard to hex enemies to the right one. The precise steps are as following. Fetish Shaman will appear behind you after Hex start, make use of that and run across the goal, click Hex soon and Fetish Shaman will appear beside the target monster, in this way you can hex it at first time. 

2. Big Bad Voodoo rune choose and use: Usually this skill is necessary in battles. With it you can increase the attack speed and movement speed of all nearby allies by 20% and damage by 20% to 30% depends on different runes. When there is more than one witch doctor in a team, big bad voodoo with the same rune can not stack buff. The right way is one uses it first then the other one. While two witch doctors with different runes can stack buff.


3. Firebats rune select: It’s the most popular skill of witch doctor in patch 1.08. The most used rune is the last one – Cloud of Bats. This rune has high damage, nice critical hit effect and stable output, but AOE is small. When meeting elites with interrupt skills or potion is not enough witch doctor may be killed easily.
The other rune Ghost Trance is often be ignored by fresh players because of no high damage as Cloud of Bats. Many people think it doesn’t have critical hit damage, in fact Blizzard proved it has. Besides, Ghost Trance is straight-line attack but long-distance and need not to worry about the lack of potion.