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Diablo III Barbarian More Effective Operative Skills Share

10/29/2013 4:09:15 PM

[Diablo III Guide]As a professional Diablo 3 supplier, has shared much helpful information for players. No matter official news, game guides or discussion topics, we make no effort to provide what you need. Here we are going to share some useful and effective operative skills of diablo 3 classes which would help you play the game more smoothly. Keep tuned.
Let’s start from barbarian. Learn how to get more exciting experience in battles simply and readily.

1. Hammer of the Ancients: HIT&RUN. There is a gap (the length depends on the attack speed) between two hammers in the battle, so you can carry out the step of hit-run-hit. The advantage of doing so is that it can make you get close to or keep away from a goal faster without influencing output. This skill is not hard to master. When hammer of the ancients works, click soon to move. But it’s easy to click on monsters and keep attacking, in this way you may fail to run. Well, use Keyboard Move here. Open control panel, find the option for Buttons Setup, choose “E” for location moving. After this completed, your character will run more accurately in the monsters.

2. Bloodshed Maximum Effect: Bloodshed is completely the style of barbarian and has nice development trend in reaper of souls. To get the maximum effect, be sure there are a group of monsters around you, and start hammer of the ancients from the centre. Then you’ll see a blood boiling scene. 

3. Monsters’ Freeze and Barbarian Leap: The well-known limited skills like infinite Saiyan, monsters’ freeze and nightmare are ignored by many barbarian players. As the cancel of expansion Infinite Saiyan, there is a need to think about how to deal with these skills.


Take freeze as example. When it works, you can’t use most of the skills (the icons turn grey), as the picture below shows. Each class in diablo3 has its specific skill to relieve freeze, for barbarian it’s Saiyan. However, monsters’ freeze has high frequency and Saiyan cooldown is too long to help soon. On this occasion, selecting a skill like Ignore Pain, leap or Juggernaut would be better.  Leap is recommended because its short cooldown time and fury supplement. With runes Leap can both attack and defense. The second rune Iron Impact additional armor gain is really amazing.


There are 2 ways for Leap to escape from being frozen: jump out of the scope of frozen, or take the right chance and jump before ice bomb blast. The former is safe and simple but takes time to run back. The latter can keep you continue fighting when down.