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What Changes Do You Want in Reaper of Souls

10/28/2013 11:27:40 AM

[Poll]It's the time for Diablo III community commentary again. Community manager Grimiku hold the activity and talked about the topic from one of reddit users. There are many changes in expansion reaper of souls, what small quality of life changes would you want as well?

Some basic changes may turn the game to a more convenient one to all players, for example, when legendaries drop there is an icon to remind on mini map. Well, it may be a little difficult for you to describe what is the kind of "quality of life"change. Here are some options for you to help come up with nice ideas. You can also vote the one right in your mind.

Combat notifications. When you meet elites in the battle, your party members will get combat notifications so that they can come to join soon. This helps to avoid the problem to fight alone with difficulty or being killed without assistance.

Crafting with materials in stash. Artisans can use materials in stash to craft items directly with this change. This change may save a lot of complex steps to the final goal. Your game become more simple to control.

Disable confirmation box when salvaging. So you can be concentrated on salvaging rare items without the disturbance of confirmation box. Let the cumbersome things disappear from your process and keep it a pure trip of creation.

The three options are just hint for you to think of more quality of life changes you want to see in reaper of souls. Vote the one in your mind and if you have other ideas, discuss it with us. You can also leave your message at feedback page.