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Diablo III Reaper of Souls Mystic Myriam Introduction

10/26/2013 8:30:01 AM

[Diablo III]In reaper of souls, diablo 3 players will have a new ally: artic. Her name is Myriam Jahzia. She is a wise woman and will give you nice advice. You’ll have chance to save her in westmarch adventure and enjoy her service then, no matter what level you are. Two specific service will be provided by Myriam for you to defeat Malthael:

Enchanting and Transmogrification. Let's know more about them.


If you used to find an almost perfect item but there is a property not that satisfying, enchanting may be helpful. By talking with Myriam and choosing enchant, you can reroll one property of rare or legendary item after paying some diablo 3 gold. Though not all properties can be rerolled, most of them do if you want.


The steps are:
1. Talk to Myriam and click Enchant menu.
2. Put an item in the enchanting window. Choose the property you want to reroll from the list below the item. Click question mark button at right side to check the possible new property may have.


3. Pay the necessary d3 gold and materials when you decide which property to reroll, then click Replace Property to lock in your choice.
4. Select the property you want to obtain from the list. After it completed, you'll have chance to replace the enchanted property with a new property by paying additional gold and marterial.



The enchanting result is completely random, so if you are not satisfied with the new property, you can choose the previous one. Remember that once you decided the property to enchant, you can only reroll the one. The enchanted item will be account bound and can’t trade to other players.
Thanks to Myriam, you can use a brand new function: Transmogrification. With this you can change and customize your equipment appearance freely. All items are available to this function at the present, including legendaries and suits. It needs to unlock before using a specific appearance, after which the appearance can be shared by all the characters in your account.

The process of T Transmogrification is simple:
1. Talk to Myriam and pick Transmogrify menu.
2. Choose an item. Below it there will appear an appearance list for you to choose. You can view your character at right preview window.
3. Select your preferred appearance and click Transmogrify to lock in.
After Transmogrification, your item will be account bound.