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Design A Legendary: Choose weapon First

10/25/2013 10:42:18 AM

[Diablo III]Official news that the first step of Design A Legendary is to choose weapon. Players who want to take part in the activity need to think about this before going on. Do you have the answer in mind?


Blizzard development team indicated that they are glad to create a legendary for close combat. There are some reasons for this decision.
All legendaries have a very strong sense of visual identification, not like others – ring or belt – look at your weapon in hand, it's so obvious. Well, the appearance is important for this kind of reason. A beautiful weapon in hand may be helpful to make the hero look more powerful.

Legendaries are iconic. Compared with a pant or a helm, it is more fantasy. That's why players can recognize legendary easier than other items and show it out everywhere. A cool legendary can undoubtedly be popular among diablo3 fans. 

As to why close combat weapon, that's because it's the most frequently used one. People may be more familiar with it.
Ok, the team is preparing to start designing. And the weapon select depends on players' vote. Ten options are listed for you to choose. Pick out your favorite one and leave an explanatory message. The most popular option would be winner. The result will be shared next week. This vote will close at Wednesday, Octorber30. if you are interested in this poll, go to the official site right now. do not miss the time.