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Diablo III Console Version Drop System Discussion

10/23/2013 2:16:37 PM

[Diablo III]A player in official forum asked a normal question about diablo 3 console version drop system. In the process of playing D3 console version, some people find that it's not smart drop but more like targeted drop. Console version runs loot 1.5 system instead of loot 2.0 for PC. The drop in it is more inclined to the character you are playing, and generate a series of random attribute affix. You can hardly get other classes' items if you are monk in the game, let alone the qualified ones for rest characters. And items with Dexterity will be the main loot you get. 


However, players may find some legendary items available for rest classes, because legendary has stable attribute model and will generate as the way in general. Obviously it's impossible for a monk to find Mighty Belt, and if the barbarian gets an item it must be focused on Dexterity. Suppose that you find a legendary like Lacuni, it will generate attribute based on the requirement of your current character. When you play with another player in the same screen, according to the rule first come, first served, the judge may base on the character who gives the last hit. So if you killed all the monsters, the drop is likely to give priority to your hero.