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Diablo 3 Barbarian Whirlwind & Life on Hit Running through Inferno Act 3

8/16/2012 10:42:15 AM

Diablo 3 Barbarian is often defined as Pure Tank by players, used to fight in the front. This is not the truth. Blizzard has made every class own its unique multi-faceted in the design. So does Barbarian. When you are tired of just fight in the front with endless repeated action, you can read this passage. Sprint & Whirlwind & Life on Hit style of Barbarian is what you would like.


Sprint & Whirlwind & Hit on Life style(the emphasis on this Build is that high frequency of attacks cause harm and trigger the effect of Life on Hit and Life stealth.)


Let’s first talk about the equipment: the effect without War Cry, Armor around 4000, DPS over 4W, Blood Health over 4W(There is no need for you to deliberately push the Blood Coin as you are not tank any more), Critical Damage Chance 40%, Critical Damage 350, Strength and Vitality over 1600. If you have Dexterity, it would be better to improve the ability to dodge. Resistance 500 is enough. The core is that Life on Hit is over 1700.

As you would have to spend a lot to get the high Life Stealth, there is no need for you to push the value of Life Stealth. Generally, 2.9% Life Stealth, 4W DPS, it would be equal to 300 Life on Hit.


Follower choice: If your Critical Damage Chance is over 40%, I would recommend you to hire Enchantress. There are two advantages
1. Enchantress can increase the Armor value.
2. Enchantress can wear MF items, improve the MF value and add the Rare items fall chance.

Skills and Runes choice


Through the pictures you can clearly know this set of skills. Why I would say that running to clear the Inferno Act 3? I would like to explain here. Through the Sprint and Whirlwind giving out high DPS and trigger the Life on Hit, run and leave the damage of the whirlwind on the road This is equal to that leave the foes die one the way of kite-flying.


Note: in Act 3, Monster with shield and Monster with Ghost on head are too tricky for those who are not familiar with this set of skills and poor equipment. Because the Monster with Shield will affect the Life on Hit, and Monster with Ghost on Head will decrease your Armor value. If you meet high DPS long-range monsters, once they have a movement, they can kill you in second.