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Reaper of Souls Won’t Increase Skill Limit to 7

10/18/2013 5:32:05 PM

[Diablo III]With the approaching of the release time of reaper of souls, players of Diablo III official forum have more and more questions and doubts. The discussion of increasing skill limit is one of them.


Many people hope Blizzard unlock diablo 3 the seventh active skill and the forth passive skill. Different classes have different requirement for the seventh active skill. For example, standard pushing bear witch doctor can survive with 4-5 skills in most situations, while monk may need the seven one to have a nice cycle. In general, the demand for one more active and passive skill depends on your class and gameplay. Usually the sixth skill is selected to survive and has very low usage frequency. Only when fighting with troublesome elites the survival skill and secondary skill would help to break out. 

Players wonder why Blizzard doesn't plan to improve skill limit, while the community manager have doubts in the reason they think so. Lylirra asked some questions at the end of her reply post. The details are as the image above shows.
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