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Demon Hunter Multishot Bola Shot Build

10/17/2013 9:55:17 AM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Demon hunter is not very popular among Diablo 3 players because it’s not good at close combats. This character needs defensive skills to avoid huge damage from monsters, especially in a group of them. It lacks the kind of skills to cross monsters easily like other classes, thus making the hero a little weaker. This build is for demon hunter to fight with enemies relying on skills.  


As you see in the picture, the sis skills are all defensive. Bola shot high range damage can keep life in general, critical hit damage attack speed become important because discipline need to restore quickly. Multishot consume hatred fast but provide discipline and AOE of half screen at the same time. Use shadow power to gain hatred. In fact the most important skill of this build is smoke screen that lasts 1.5 seconds. You need a good observation for sudden danger around, like bull’s rush. As to normal monsters, Fan of Knives will help to slow their movement and protect the demon hunter from being surrounded. Caltrops has the same effects, match up with passive skill Cull the Weak to improve 15% damage. The two skills have no influence on moving operation and are highly effective. 

When in the combat, remember survive is the first thing to do. This kind of build mainly relies on running to get out of monster crowds. So running route should be prepared in advance. Then keep attention to dangerous monsters, generally there will be 2 or 3 in a group. Prepare Smoke Screen at any moment, don’t be too confident in the route. In case that you are surrounded, Smoke Screen + Fan of Knives first, then Multishot + Smoke Screen, keep fighting until there is a gap for you. Multishot + Smoke Screen are the most important skill combo here. Multishot is the only one that cost hatred, so if you find hatred is full and discipline is scant, use it. And Smoke Screen follow, this can be stable.
Note: The build is not powerful enough to fight with elites. Enjoy your game.