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Diablo 3 Gold Still Features in Legendary Transmogrification

10/14/2013 3:32:18 PM

[Diablo III]A discussion of legendary transmogrification was initiated between community manager and diablo3 players. What do you hope your equipment look like in the game? Well, it's all about the player' personal taste. Some questions were answered by the manager this time.

Unlocking appearance through leveling up Mystic really makes people curious. It would be better if some super rare appearances can gain unique transmogrification via formula. Vanity slots are not in the plan because it may lead to a management lack of items. And players need not to carry appearances along. The disappear dye at the moment can be used to hide those equipment that looks bad in your opinion only. Don't you think it's a little funny to see a bare hero fighting in monster crowds?  

Transmogrification cost was first talked in the discussion. Community manager indicated that Diablo 3 Gold is set to be consumed in the process. As the important currency of this game, it still features in this system.

So what kind of transmogrification appearances do you hope to have? Or you have no interests in fashion styles and just want it be the most powerful? You can discuss the topic with us, or go to the feedback page.