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Diablo 3 Japanese Version Release Date Confirmed

10/12/2013 3:49:55 PM

[Diablo III]Square Enix announced early this morning that Diablo III Japanese version will sell at Playstation3 platform on January 30th, 2014. The price is 7980 yen (about $80). Players who like this version or want to make it a collection can prepare for it now. below are the screenshots of the version. 



If you pre-book the version now, you can get special offer as reward, which including Infernal Helm (の) that can add EXP, shining Angelic Wing (の) for decorating, defensive Bottled Cloud Dye(めされたの)and Bottled Smoke Dye(めされたの). They can be downloaded after starting selling.

Before the day, make sure you have enough diablo 3 gold in stock and know as more information about loot 2.0 as possible. Keep your hero powerful and strong for the new adventure in the near future.