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Legendary Items Have Alternative Sources in Console Version

10/10/2013 2:42:43 PM

[Diablo III]Some players found interesting thing in diablo 3 console version again. Legendary items in diablo 3 console version can not be gotten from monsters, but also from other clickable items.

Many people have similar experiences in the game. Legendary items drop a lot and much of them are from non-monsters, like buckets, chests, dead, weapon shelves and so on. Undoubtedly it is a big change comparing with PC, which has caused a funny topic – Do you hope to see a drop improve in PC like this? If have, will you be glad to break the buckets while farming monsters?


And more, clickable items activation in console version is automatic, characters just need to walk by because there is no mouse Coiner for use. Maybe PC version would be better with this kind of change.