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The evolution of Demon Hunter 's Build !

8/15/2012 9:50:57 AM

Have you met the bottleneck in the Diablo III?

Original, the Demon Hunter with the simple goal in the D3 that is high DPS! Intelligence is the prime choice for enhancing DH follows the Critical Hits and Attack Speed. In other hand, the battle is brutal.Also,the process of plot couldn't follow your heart.There are kinds of elites and inapproachable boss are testing our patience and mentality.

During the early stage,all of players piled the DPS,especially after the new patched. The play style similar to Contra occupied the main trend for a long time. For the situation of MF share with every members in a team,a high damage DH is popular in the group ! But in the 1.04 patch, the way of a  communing share one thing have been abandoned! Secondly, one of the attribute becomes important in the way of DH Solo which has increased the price of the items who can improve the speed movement.Ya,you r right ! A boot can add the 12% speed of movement (if it with great attribute,for example add intelligence and resistance,at least 300w D3 Gold)basically can satisfy the requirement of running fast in the game. This way suitable the player without the sufficient resistance weapons. In virous battlefield, if you without enough Diablo 3 Gold to buy excellent items or you without time to farming D3 gold and Diablo 3 Items, i supposed that the survival is the big problem for you! Maybe you would say the DH has the skills of Shadow Power,some people would say"i have the critical hits add life.But, if you didn't with all resistance over 500, you will be fall down fast!

Generally, i always use the critical hit way to farming Diablo 3 Items. For this Build, to recover the hate is important! However, one of the passive skills-- Sharpshooter is the essential skills for choosing!This skills can support you improve the maximum attacking to 150%! For myself, when i don't use this skill, the DPS about 4w,after i have changed this skill! You will notice that your DPS rose up 10w!To meet the high critical Multishot,that is the perfect combination!

Recently,there are other Build for DH. For instance the Multishot perpetuum mobile.  The key Coin about this build is the perpetuum mobile.In another words,the attack wouldn't like the way to pursuit of so violence.So,the first place is recovered hate!Naturally,the passive skills should change to Vengeance.In addition´╝îadd the Marked for Death and Death Toll, to attack the target enemies can recover 3 Coins hate.While, the Cluster Arrow need 40 Coins hate,now,i choose the active skill can help me recover 3 Coins hate per second!The weapons ar least with 1.5 hates!According to this way,you can use 4 times,there are 10 Coins hate rest.The, add the marked enemies, at least you can beat 2 times.If you can hit the boss more than 4 times that you can recover 12 Coins. Recording this skills combination, when the blood ball is healing that you can add 20hates and discipline. In the end, you can use more than two times of Multishot.On this way,you can smash the group of monsters easy and fast! Basically, with a suit weapons of 5w DPS that you can operation easy!You don't need worry about the elites anymore.The boots with 12% speed can help you !

Hope you are agree with this build! You can have a try.