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Which Fists of Thunder Build for Monk You like Most?

10/8/2013 4:10:29 PM

[Poll]Fists of Thunder is the most popular skill of diablo 3 monk for players. And a variety of monk builds are based on it. In general, there is a skill with fists of thunder. In the skills below, which combo is the one you tend to have a try, or like most? Vote for your answer.

Sweeping Wind. This is the main combo at the present. Usually bond with Mantra of Conviction, Seize the Initiative and One With Everything.


Tempest Rush. More and more people choose to play with high MP as EXP become higher. Choose Wave of Light as defensive skill to strengthen fighting power.


Wave of Light. This combo is focused on output. Skorn is used with the build in general. In fact, mouse skills are the same with Tempest Rush above. Wave of Light and The Guardian’s Path work together, while other skills can be changed as required.


Deadly Reach. Fists of Thunder and Deadly Reach together make the monk more powerful in close combats. Wave of Light and The Guardian’s Path here can improve the damage efficiently.