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What Dungeon You Expect to See in Expansion ROS?

10/4/2013 8:32:01 AM

[Poll]Some players are interested in the details of dungeon system in the new expansion reaper of souls. Community manager also had posted to reply players' questions and doubts. You may have imagination of ideal new dungeon in your mind. Which is the one you would like to see?


Deeper Depth. The more layers new dungeon has, the more fun players would get. Deeper depth means more mysteries and challenges, which interests players to explore. And if the challenges are random, it will be full of excitement.

New Dungeon. A new dungeon is absolutely attractive. It's an unknown puzzle for players to experience from start to end. All the things are brand new, that's awesome enough. To explore in places totally different from that you have seen before, feel blood-boiled?

Unique Rooms and Layouts. The complex rooms and layouts help to add game fun too. Unique rooms and layouts will attract more diablo3 explorer to challenge greater difficulties. Exploration and discovery become part of the fun in this complicated section.

New Environment Tiles. As the post said, Diablo 3 development team has taken new environment tiles into consideration. And their goal is to make players feel get lost in the game. Random environment is designed to strengthen Diablo style game experience. 

So what kind of dungeon you expect to see in ROS on earth? Vote below to show your opinion.