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What Can Keep Value Before Loot 2.0

9/29/2013 9:22:01 AM

[Poll] Loot 2.0 is coming soon, what do you think can keep value before the system? Choose your answer below and discuss it with us. You can also leave your feedback.

Gems. New loot system requires players to farm items themselves instead of buying in auction house, and gems are always useful no matter what loot 2.0 would change. So gems can keep its value till last. 

Top Items. Auction house is going to shutdown but not right now. Before players being used to expansion reaper of souls, powerful items are needed to enjoy exciting battles with monsters. From the very start of diablo 3, top items are goal of every fighter.

Upgrade Equipment. As long as you play the game, you need to level up to be stronger and enjoy more fun. Upgrade equipment helps to level up fast, and is required by players who have great enthusiasm in upgrading. 

Diablo 3 Gold. Everything is illusion but diablo 3 gold is real. As the only currency in the game, d3 gold plays an important role. Keep enough gold in stock for whenever you have a need. And it's not wise spending much time farming gold with loot 2.0, cause diablo3 gold become more valuable than before.
Materials. How many materials have you stored till now? Crafting will consume them all if you want. Nice materials can produce nice item or weapon, if most of your wonderful equipment come from these materials, it counts.


Cash. Well, this option may be funny. But if you think so, vote for it. Money will always keep its value in a game, don't you think so?