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Diablo 3 Expansion Reaper of Souls: Away from Diablo3 ?

9/27/2013 5:02:28 PM

[Diablo III]As more and more spoiler of Diablo 3 come out from PTR to players, diablo fans feel excited to know so much information in advance. They hold hot discussion and debate and at the same time, some of them began to suspect the game trend of Diablo III. It seems like diablo3 is away from original Diablo3. What’s the matter? Let’s see the analysis of skeptics.


First, build in expansion start from an item instead of a class. Before the expansion, you need to find your favorite class and skills first, then create a powerful build to fight with monsters. But now you may put this process in turn, find the equipment, guess its possibility the form a build. That is similar to the type in another game path of exile, which is said to be the real diablo 3.


Second, reaper of souls end game. In ROS end game, there are completely random maps to fight for treasure and EXP, and many levels/layers to challenge. In the same way, that’s POE patterns. With the creation style of Blizzard development team, they may make ROS a copy of world of warcraft. The problem of d3 now is the failure of keeping players busy, auction house shutdown help to solve it. That’s the final goal of new expansion.


Third, weapon damage CAP. Data from the spoiler shows that equipment stats will have CAP, as the image below. That is to say, Blizzard has set damage upper limit for players. Powerful items are not reliable any more unless you use endless paragon level to improve stats. 



Though the final content of reaper of souls is uncertain at the moment, the exposed spoilers have told the truth reaper of souls is no longer the diablo3 familiar to players. Monsters are not the indistinctive weak ones, boss battles may have more paces. At the time waiting for ros, do something you like or buy some diablo 3 gold for preparation.


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