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Diablo3 Expansion Spoiler: New UI and Legendary Data

9/26/2013 2:42:10 PM

[Diablo III]New spoiler data from Russia site, new UI and legendary items pictures came to curious players. Let’s appreciate these beautiful images in advance and looking forward to more information later.


New Selection Menu UI. These icons have background that look like stained glass, beautiful and attractive. Can you imagine the way it will appear in the game? There must be more interesting content can be found in the future. 



Adventure Mode Map Icons. This is a mode that players know little. What we know is players can move between different acts and maps and need not to create new game. Is it the back of free farm age? 



Some interesting items related to the mode. The specific use is unknown but may similar to material or collection for other purpose.   


New Legendary Items Icon. It seems like most of them are for crusader only.  


If you are willing to know more about the expansion spoiler, keep tuned. We’ll show you the latest information.