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Diablo3 Console Guide: How to Farm Legendary Item Fast

9/23/2013 3:17:11 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Diablo 3 console version has nice sales volume till now. It proved the success of diablo3 console platform. This time we would like to share an efficient way to farm legendary item fast with PS3. The difficulty level is easy, because the level has no influence on item quality. And there will definitely have drops so high MP is not necessary.


Necessary condition:
-Two PS3 controlling
-Build a new account besides the one you usually use (main account), named A and B (new)
-Account A character has the ability to kill Diablo alone (easy mode)
-Account B character has reached Inferno but not kill Diablo


Guide advantage: Farm legendary items fast, the whole process can be completed in about five minutes. If you feel not lucky enough to pick nice items, try this.
Guide disadvantage: Can’t play main account paragon level


1. Start account B use 1p controlling, and reach Diablo gate in Inferno,
2. Copy account B data to USB
3. Start account A use 2p controlling and join the game
3. Use account B kill Diablo and make it drop legendary
4. Using 2p controlling account A pick up the legendary items.
5. Press QUIT exit the game and store picked items
6. Press PS to back both accounts to XMB interface
7. Use original account B data in USB cover archives in PS3
8. Back to step 1 and repeat the process

-Choose account B character carefully, because loot 2.0 system tends to drop items that depend on class requirements.
-Two accounts fight together would be more efficient.