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Loot 2.0 Will Support Diablo III after Auction House

9/22/2013 3:55:05 PM

[Diablo III]Blizzard decided to shutdown Diablo III auction house in 2014 and released official news to players, which had won many people's support and dissatisfaction at the same time. Auction house used to bring them much convenience and most people enjoy it very much. Some people even think it's a result of self-found mode supporting and feel disapCoined. Community manager Lylirra explained the reason of closing AH again and mentioned the importance of loot 2.0 system in the future. The image below is part of her post.


In the post, Lylirra believe that loot 2.0 system can satisfy players' requirements of items and ensure them better game experience. Loot 2.0 is treated as the solution of item drop system problem, and be endowed with high expectations by diablo3 development team. Self-found is not the real reason of AH shutdown.
Smart drop and crafting make players spend more time playing the game to gain wonderful equipment after AH shutdown, so those who have little time but just want to enjoy game fun may feel difficulties. It may cost more time to crafting rather than farming diablo 3 gold in the future game. As to dropping nice items, it depends on players' luck. Whether loot 2.0 will be the final solution of AH and drop problem or not, it takes time to know.