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Do You Hope Ladder Back to D3 Expansion ROS

9/20/2013 11:12:51 AM

[Poll]Though Diablo 3 has been the theme of Diablo game series now, many players still like diablo2 more. Ladder is one of the memorable parts in diablo 2. Those freshmen who start Diablo from 3 may not know how exciting it is, to d2 lovers, it's an adventurous journey.




Ladder is a Battle pattern, in which you can fight with better equipment and harder challenges. You must reach level 99 to enter ladder and start from 0. So your items and weapon is much better than normal mode, the difficulty is higher too. You have chance to get some special equipment that only drop in ladder and in general hard to meet. Ladder is periodical. Each season your paragon and equipment will be reset, in a word, the character, equipment and paragon transform to non-ladder, and recycle a new season.


D2 players may hope it back to d3 new expansion because they like the game experience and feel a little disapCoined with diablo3. Making ladder back is a way to reduce their dissatisfaction. To those who don’t know ladder or are interested in new expansion content more, keep present mode is enough to enjoy game. Well, there are also people who think either is OK to them. No matter how the game will change, they just enjoy the game itself and don't care if it's the same thing like before.