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Diablo 3 Spoiler: Virtual Pet Interface

9/19/2013 9:43:41 AM

[Diablo III]After the news that diablo 3 gold and real-money auction house will be shutdown in 2014, new data of client-side reaper of souls comes to players, though it's just a developing version rather than the final edition. This time we can see a new interface named virtual pet.

Remember the scroll of companion in the earliest beta? Yes, it's the one that can summon a creature to help you pick up diablo3 gold nearby. Blizzard development team thought it not up to game value and removed it in a later beta update, but they indicated it have chances to back one day in the future. No more details about the pets this time. If they have adorable appearance and work as well as followers, the latter may lose their jobs in the game.


Not only that, new setup interface appeared this time. The specific function details are unknown at the moment.


New game mode icons. From left to right: story mode, trail mode, adventure mode.


Devil Bringer mode interface. It seems like a function of collecting. When players collect a set of equipment, they can summon fairy dragon to exchange legendary items. If players can’t buy nice equipment from auction house, item storage may be a trend from now on. This function is attractive if there are big chances to have really powerful and wonderful items.