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Lucky Bow and Arrow Member Activity to Win Diablo 3 Gold & Gems </font><img src="/img/hot.gif" style="height:25px;width:35px;"/>

8/11/2012 10:57:39 AM

A piece of good news for our registered members! There would be a Lucky Bow and Arrow Member Activity (click here) for you to win substantial Diablo 3 Gold and Radiant Star Gems. As long as you are a registered member in US-Normal Mode Severs of our site, you are entitled to take part in this activity. If you are not a member now, sign up and join us. The Activity for European members will come soon.


The activity system works like this.
First, you should sign in.
Second, use your mouse to click on the flack. Then there will come out the result.

Third, registered member are allowed to take part in the activity once a day. One IP are supposed to register one member to prevent the malicious behavior.

Now, there come the breath-taking prizes for this activity

First prize will win 50,000K Diablo 3 Gold.


Second Prize will win 10,000K Diablo 3 Gold.

Third Prize will win 1000K Diablo 3 Gold.

Fourth Prize Radiant Star Gems in large amount are waiting for you as well.

Detailed information please visit our site. To ensure you get the prize, you need to fill in the information correct and stay online for a while.


 If you still have some doubts in mind, please contact us through “Online Service”. What are you waiting for, Chance in a Million is right here for you.