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How do you think of D3 Expansion ROS Spoiler

9/16/2013 4:26:35 PM

[Poll]Not long ago, diablo 3 new expansion reaper of souls spoiler appeared online and become a hot topic among players. As the release of more and more content, people hold different viewCoins toward it. Some think it should keep a secret before putting on sale, some think it's better to know earlier. What's yours? Share it with us here.

Prefer to know in advance. It really takes a long time before Blizzard release the new expansion. And, what's more, players need to wait another long period of time for playing it. The spoiler helps players to know more details and judge whether it's worthwhile playing, thus avoiding customer remorse.

Do not care. As avid players of Diablo III, the spoiler just contributes to keep their enthusiasm. The more interesting information they know of d3, the more love they will show to it. For diablo3 lovers, they do not care if there is a spoiler. No matter what content will have in new expansion, it's wonderful game experience.

Keep it a secret till last. Those who want to have fresh game experience may don't like the spoiler very much. You know many things ahead of selling, but can't have a real experience yourself, let alone it's not the final version. Keep it a mystery till last and enjoy a brand new expansion is the best result.

Pick the one you support from the options and share your opinion with us. You can also join the discussion by leaving your feedback. If you have any problems, go to our online service please.