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Community Manager Proved Reaper of Souls Spoiled

9/13/2013 5:41:16 PM

[Diablo III]News come that some Reaper of Souls contents were spoiled when testing. Blizzard community manager posted to prove the information disclosed is part of the truth. The final details of the expansion are still under development. If you want to keep the mysterious feeling of diablo3, make sure this piece of news is out of your sight. Note that it’s a client-side data analysis, it maybe wrong somehow.


The spoiler includes content of ROS as below:

Models: some monsters and bosses. You can see many boss strings, and it’s still under dataming. New strings may added later.

New system and guild strings: best ladder rank value, guild ladder rank, hardcore season hero and so on.

Crusader skills show and strings: Heavenly Strength, Vigilant, Holy Cause…All are powerful and exciting skills and effects

New paragon level: strings about Coins and bonus

New act and areas name: Abundant areas, events and scenes name strings, include game map, random dungeon, chanllenge mode etc.



News source: diablofans