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What Will You Buy Next for Diablo3?

9/12/2013 4:39:06 PM

[Poll]Before Reaper of Souls, there will be a long time if you feel tired of old acts and characters. So what will you buy to enjoy at present or to get prepared for diablo 3? Reaper of Souls, console version, Diablo books or diablo 3 gold? Choose your answer!

Reaper of Souls. Soon after the release of the new expansion at GamesCon 2013, Blizzard published the beta and sell time. Though players can't start it until 2014, the content added in the expansion has really inspired many people. Higher level and stronger monsters, that's absolutely attractive for players.

Console Version. Not like ROS, now the console version is available. People who want to have a try can download demo from PS3 and XB360 game store first. Console version experience is different from PC, some players even think it's better than the latter. After all, it's an efficient way to enjoy diablo3. 

Diablo Books. Book of Tyrael has won a high reputation in August. Written by Nate Kenyon, the new diablo novel book storm of light tells a story of Jacob and Shanar who are from Diablo comic Sword of Justice. Players can book at Simon and Schuster if have interests.

Diablo 3 Gold. It's necessary at anytime to prepare enough gold in stock. As the coming of new class, new monsters and new skills in the new expansion, the original powerful equipment may become useless in the future. Abundant diablo 3 gold in stock is a guarantee for better items and weapon in ROS adventure.