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The Excellent Place For Our Loyal Clients Fast Farming Diablo 3 Gold ! <img src="/img/hot.gif" style="height:25px;width:30px;" />

8/10/2012 11:15:08 AM

Today, we want to share a excellent farming Diablo 3 Gold site! While, the particular place only for the Wizard can arrive in.
First, you should know the Farming Site belongs to the Level 3 of STONGHOLD, so you have killed the GHOM. After you defeated that ugly frog, you can select the quest as you wish, no matter the TREMORS IN THE STONE or the MACHINES OF WAR. To choose one of the quest you like among 4,5,6,7 quest. Just begin your adventure!

After that, we need to teleport to the Level 3 of STONGHOLD.

Next, along with the road you will encounter a blue exclamation mark. This NPC will prompt you there is a monster locked in a room by him. Of course, this monster is our aim! It is a Gold Demonic Tremor with three monsters. There is 70% possibility that NPC will appear. If you didn’t meet her, just exit and come into again!

Smashed all the monsters on the way that you will come to the door! The monsters are blocked in the room. However, don’t open the door right now!What we should do just release the Hydra behind the door. After 3-4 times attacks of throwing the Hydra that you can pick up your prize! Is it so easy?

The way of farming Diablo3 Gold and Diablo 3 Items is worthy you have a try! The weapons with 63 levels, how can we refuse it?


This Farming site for the players with poor items is perfect! Compared with the Warrior's Rest, there are many Diablo 3 Items beyound 63 levels. Why are you hesitate? Go to have a try!

More news of farming Diablo 3 Gold, please keep eyes on us !