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Which diablo3 character will you play in real life

9/4/2013 4:22:56 PM

The interesting assumption for this game is that the characters of diablo 3 (not including crusader) are put into real life and have to live as common people. That’s awesome, right? Imagine a scene that you are one of the five heros and act as an ordinary person, you need to work, sleep, eat instead of farming monsters. If there is chance like this, which one will you choose to play as? Use your imagination here.

Barbarian. Barbarian is a loner who has indestructible warrior spirit and responsibility, but that does no help to the modern life. He is not a good team worker but will need to stay at the office with a group of meek person. Maybe he could be a nice technicist.


Demon Hunter. To be frank, demon hunter may like to be a worm hunter because she loves hunting enemies. She gives up because the job is against her challenging will. Marketing is a nice choice. Her tough and uncompromising personality leads to the amazing performance.


Monk. Decades of practice has made a strong monk. However there is no practice for him to deal with daily boring retail operations. The goods will be a mess soon which needs hours to clear up. His solid muscle becomes flabby slowly as the time go by. He even forget the will and determination of god. Fortunately, his sense of fashion improved.


Witch Doctor. From a different region, the powerful witch doctor may work as a accountant, well, not a simple accountant. He uses skills summon pest, even death to assist work, namely, watch forms and count coins. Due to a lack of practice, his evil magic always be out of control. He doesn’t have a good sense of business, but the control of pest and poison are helpful.


Wizard. Wizard learned much knowledge of aspect astrology to work as common white-collar employee. Though she used to be ambitious, the cruelty and baldness never make her lose mind. She mastered the use of the wizardly knowledge soon to avoid some mistakes during work. It’s a easy and happy life for wizard.