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Reaper of Souls Important Q&A Collection

8/30/2013 3:18:31 PM

The GamesCom is over now. During the time, many questions and answers about Reaper of Souls had been published. You may feel tired to find them one by one, so we collected some important ones here for you to know the new expansion well.

Q: Is Reaper of Souls pay to play or free?
A: If you want to play the special content that Reaper of Souls provides, it’s pay to play. The core game improvements will be free-issue to all players.

Q: Will the equipment become useless after the new expansion?
A: Of course the price will have a change, but not means the items and weapon be rubbish at the present.

Q: Would the items be bound to account in Reaper of Souls?
A: Not all of them. Some legendary items are set to become account bound if you use Mystic to enchant them.

Q: How to convert the paragon level?
A: Blizzard will convert the total paragon experience into paragon 2.0 system, instead of a direct level to level transfer.  

Q: Can I play with non-expansion players?
A: Yes, you can. Different game version are allowed to play as a team but some contents are limited, like Act V and Nephalem Trails. You can play together at original acts.

Q: If I re-forge the affix, will the item level get high too?
A: No. The affix level will be same with your character. The item level keeps original.

Q: Are there any new classes (except crusader) or follwers?
A: No. Crusader is the only new class in the expansion. The existing followers will have new skills, stories and level.

Hope these Q&As be helpful to you. Any problems please visit our online support. Enjoy your stay.