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Diablo 3 Paragon 2.0 and Nephalem Trails Details Released

8/28/2013 4:19:14 PM

Finally Blizzard published the details of paragon system and Nephalem trails by game director Josh Mosqueira. As two important parts of the new expansion that attracted many players' attention, it's a long time until the whole details detailed. We summarized some key Coins for players to know the main features.


Paragon 2.0. It will be involved in the patch before Reaper of Souls. In the patch, all level 60 roles paragon experience will be converted into new one in new system and gain paragon Coins. The Coins can be used to increase the role stats. Four main categories are available with current version. They are Core, Attack, Defense and Utility. Players can reset the Coins to meet the demand, but cost and details are still under development.

Nephalem Trails. As new added event of diablo 3, Nephalem trails is exciting enough for players. The features are listed as below.
-It will appear as portals when you are on an adventure randomly, like a surprise for you
- I's absolutely challenge-based encounters. There will have wave after wave monsters, the more you kill, the more rewards you'll get
- A certain number of treasure chests are set to reward players based on their performance
-Different types of challenges may add to the system
-Need not to buy expansion to use