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Will you give up original equipment after the expansion

8/26/2013 3:52:34 PM

As Blizzard released more and more details of the new expansion, players get to feel that their original equipment will be rubbish after the Reaper of Souls. Though it not means they are useless right now, but taking the problem into account in advance to avoid big loss is necessary. So, will you give up original powerful equipment and prepare enough diablo 3 gold to wait for the new challenges? Show your opinion with us.

Yes, I will. Of course it's a nice idea to give up the original ones, but not all at the same time. No matter how powerful they used to be, the new challenges in new expansion need players have stronger equipment to fight. Giving up now is for better future.

No, I won't. Though it need a lot of effort to level 60-63 items to 70, the journey would be memorable. Fighting with the enemies till the last drop of blood is every player’s game spirit. The process of farming is the nature of game itself.

Not sure yet. A change of item price is certain, but no one knows what would happen. To give up or not is not that easy to decide, just keep patient to new updates from Blizzard and enjoy the game at present. Whether the equipment become useless or not is not sure, making a decision now is a little earlier.