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New Class Crusader Introduction

8/23/2013 10:07:27 AM

Blizzard released a new class Crusader in the new expansion Reaper of Souls to fight together with the original five classes. After the development team demonstration video at the GamesCom, players show great enthusiasm for their cool coming hero. Let's summarize the basic details here to know more about this class.


Crusader Attribute. According to the description of a Blizzard community manger, crusader is just like a walking tank and strength is their primary attribute. Zealous warrior is the best definition for them. Crusader is a strong companion to begin a glorious journey.

Weapon Use. Flail and shield are main but not only weapon for crusader, as the picture shows. Crusader is a power based class, so if you like sword and shield combo, just try it. A lot of powerful weapon for other classes, like barbarian, would be good fit.

Known Skills. As the development team said, there are 6 main skills for crusader to use in the battles. In fact, it's more than that known by players. People who had watched the demonstration video know how tremendous the skills look when fighting with enemies. Active skills are divided by Primary, Secondary, Defensive, Utility, Laws, Conviction, which seems more complex than before. The practical effect of Shield Glare, Judgement, Consecration, Shield Bash, Falling Sword and Punish has been known from demonstration video.



More details of crusader will be published after the GamsCom. Make sure you know enough about the new hero before adventure. Come to or visit the official page to keep tuned to the update.