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Expansion Reaper of Souls New Changes

8/22/2013 10:28:19 AM

Diablo 3 new expansion Reaper of Souls added many things to the game. The contents make diablo3 a brand new one compared to the ones before. No matter Angel of Death, Crusader, Loot 2.0, or New Artisan, this expansion is totally a big surprise for players. Now let's go for the details.


Angel of Death. The original archangel Malthael now becomes the main villain, in the name of angel of death. The angel is fallen and the new battles are just begin. Bigger  challenge is coming!

New class: Crusader. Crusader is good at controlling shield and close combat. They will join the fighting group of wizard, witch doctor, barbarian, monk and demon hunter. Besides, each class gets new skill and rune in this expansion.

New Feature: Loot Run and Loot 2.0. Now you can get better items with this function. 15-20 minutes completely random Dungeons, including weather, enemies and elites. Less drop but better quality guarantee. Legendary items drop will suit your hero more.


New Artisan. Transmogrification is added for nicer appearance. Enhancing a rare/legendary item is available with this change.


New level. The level is adjusted to 70 in Act V. The paragon level 2.0 will not have limit any more.

What's more, there is a new act Westmarch and four new monsters released in this expansion. Every change this time implies amazing Diablo III experience in the near future, though the pre-sale time is still not sure at the present. Are you ready for it?