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Which Contest of Blizzard in Gamescom You Like Most?

8/20/2013 10:44:31 AM

This year is a fabulous one for Blizzard. Those wonderful events have attracted most players' heart after the schedule released. And now, the Gamescom is just around the corner. As fan of Blizzard, many people will choose to join or keep attention. Here we pick up some big contests for you, costume, T-shirt design and comic. Which is the one you like most? Find it out.


Costume. This time the prize for Costume contest is different from before. The winner has a chance or the honor to be remembered by thousands of Blizzard fans by a game in the future. That's absolutely an attractive prize. But only 100 slots for the final competition.


T-shirt design. Design a T-shirt with your great inspiration and make it a part of Diablo III if you win. Of course you can make use of any elements of diablo3 but the logo of the game and personal signs. This contest provides high cash rewards and additional prizes. The top five winners will get All 5 Grand Prize Winners Collection Tee Set and different additional prizes, besides cash.


Comic. If you have any fun ideas of WOW, StarCraft or Diablo3, the comic contest is a nice choice. Each month (from August to October) you have chance to send your articles to judge team to win a prize. Only one member is lucky enough to get the present each time.


It's the time to select your answer. Click the contest you like most to join our discussion. If you'd like to know more about diablo iii, go to our homepage please.