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Diablo III Suspected Expansion: Reaper of Souls

8/19/2013 10:39:14 AM

Players of Diablo III found a new address under the domain name named Reaper of Souls. The image of the address quotes a sentence from Tyrael's book. According to the picture, a variety of conjecture appeared online to prove that’s the coming expansion of diablo3. What's more, some players even start to guess the storyline.

Someone extracted a passage from Book of Cain and the sentence the image quoted is the last of it. The passage seems to be the predictions of Armageddon in the game. In which imply all the Archangels of Angiris Council. But the saying "death, at last, shall spread its wing over all" made people think deep. As we all know, there is no angel of death in the Archangels, unless something changed that. The wisdom archangel Malthael is said to leave because the destroy of worldstone, so some players guess he would be the Raper Death in the new expansion.

The most surprising proof is that a player shared the new address link at facebook and got a page preview as below.

The word said "expansion" as you can see. Well, the content will undoubtedly be released at this page in the near future. Whatever, the link preview would not lie to anyone. In a way, it just show the most accurate truth.

Before the real expansion come, we can take the time waiting or sharing the details of conjecture in your mind. The expansion is coming, anyway, that's a piece of great news.