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Diablo 3 Control Barbarian Build

8/16/2013 10:59:08 AM

The core playing ideas of the build are:
-Daze the monsters to control
-Use Bloodshed to maximize the output
-Make a sharp output in the 7 seconds monster dizzy time
-Can be used all over the map


Choose the skill combo like the picture shows below first.

As the main attack skill, the damage of Cleave is considerable, and wide aoe range is the key to choose it. The defensive skill Ground Stomp helps to gather monsters to expand the damage of Bloodshed. Leap is auxiliary to dizzy and work with Ground Stomp to achieve the goal - 7 seconds control. Overpower is the best skill to attack because the high density of monsters.

Then it comes to the butter play step by step.
-Attract the monsters by Rend, need not to worry about fury.
-Leap to the elites and start to Cleave, keep the attack for 3 seconds.
-The elites wake. Ground Stomp, then Cleave, keep 4 seconds.
-Wait 2-3 seconds for the cooldown of Leap. If ok go on dizzy and Cleave. If not jump out of the encirclement to wait, then repeat the second step.
Click Overpower when using Cleave, the cooldown would be soon.

To make the build more powerful, it’d be better to equip the hero with some items that increase the critical damage of Cleave, like belt and ring or some other.

Now it’s the time for you to try it. Hope you like this build recommended by team. You can also buy diablo 3 gold and items at our store.