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Is the delay of diablo 3 auction house another bug

8/14/2013 9:29:47 AM

Just this past week, a player of diablo3 reported that something he bought at auction house didn't appear after the trade. The support forum agent explained that may because of the traffic at the given time, but the problem this time made some players get upset again. After the gold copy event last time, many players get huge loss and, of course, feel a little hopeless of the game. Is the delay another bug of auction house? Show your opinion here, please. Let others know your idea about it.


Absolutely another bug. There would always be something that seems inessential before the real trouble one. Like a mirror can just reflect a drop of the golden sun. It may be a little hard to realize at the start. The gold copy event just begin with some gold copy but end with a mess. The delay of auction house trade is absolutely another bug.


Not very sure. After so many problems of diablo 3, it's hard to draw a firm conclusion about all these accidents. Perhaps it's just like the support forum agent said, traffic is the reason. Or it's really the forewarning of new bug. Let time be the judge.


Just a small problem. After the big bug last time, it's hard to get wrong for diablo 3 now. The development team would try their best to avoid mistakes as before. Trust Blizzard and feel free to enjoy the game. Be positive and believe that it's just a small problem.