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Diablo 3 may add transmogrification system

8/13/2013 9:54:16 AM

A community manager mentioned that the development team may add transmogrification system to diablo 3 in the future when reply to a player's question of ability to visually customize the character.

The transmogrification system in some games like wow is very popular among players. A special appearance in the game may be easier to identify. Dye only can not satisfy the requirements of so many players. Most people feel proud that their character looks different from others. The process you make it unique is just like you create a completely new hero of diablo3. That's amazing. Most of all, the system will not cost you diablo 3 gold at all.

Now d3 players can leave feedback at the official community to show personal ideas of the system. Like the topic is cosmetic slots on character sheet necessary? Or a NPC to make the item personalized? What should be involved in the change range of the system?

It's the chance to make contribution to this game you like most. Think about the details you'd like to see and show your voice out there. Any need for cheap d3 gold, go to our hompage please. The online support is glad to help you.