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Which stage event of diablo 3 attracts you at 2013 Gamescom

8/10/2013 10:33:23 AM

The big news that Blizzard has decided to join the 2013 Gamscom really inspired most players of Diablo 3, well, in fact not only d3 fans. But it's absolutely a grand ceremony for Diablo iii as the full schedule released to prove it. The live music performances, Blizzard costume contest and Diablo development team, whichever live stage event is attractive enough for diablo players. So which one is the reason that makes you blood-boiled of Blizzard at 2013 Gamescom? Let it out here with us.

Live music performances. Music fanatic may feel crazy about this. Not only download from the database and listen on MP3 players, it's live ones! With high-efficiency Audio Output Device and some special musical guests who will perform a selection of original songs of diablo3 game. That's wonderful land for those sound fancier.

Blizzard costume contest. After a year's waiting, it's finally the race time for cosplay lovers. Rig out with your best equipment this year for the honored prize to compete with other contenders. Fight for the commemorable moment that will be remembered by thousands of players of Blizzard in the future, instead of diablo 3 gold.

Diablo development team. The team always catches the attention of players. You can get the sign at Developer Signing Session during the Blizzard Gamescom. It may seem not a big thing for some people. The truth is that, not everyone has the chance to join the ceremony, and, no matter how bad you feel when there is a bug in the game, you still love the team who developed the game. There is always one you like.


Just click the one you think attracts you. If you can't make a decision among the options, choose them all via different browser. Any problems please visit LIVE CHAT.