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Diablo 3 PlayStation 3 Guides

8/8/2013 3:21:40 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]There should be a lower price guaranteed if you buy Diablo in PS3 edition in Pre-Orders. Pre-order for D3 PS3 has been online for 59.99 dollars since February. This edition would come out at 9/3/2013. If you want to buy PS3. You should make your order now in order to get the cheaper price.


But the Evil Reborn Part 4 Teaser Trailer has caught the eyes of players. It is a 30 seconds video with a plyer facing the wall and some dark smoke come out from the computer. Previously reported a PS3 console gamers home exudes a strange atmosphere, followed by his family also appeared strange signs on the road at night with still strange creatures attack. It seems that this series of supernatural phenomenon now occur with greater unrest.


Local police officers after receiving a telephone warning that players arrived home and found the living room is a mess, and only one person holding the handle of the player sitting in the corner quietly beating the walls. Then, supernatural breath again spread, along with detectives shouted out, "the 5th need support!" And troops after they lost contact. Does the devil really has come, and we discovered too late? You could see the video online.


Is it a trick or a reality. No one knows. Or nobody will knows.