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Would Diablo 3 Expansion Announced in Gamescom?

8/1/2013 6:01:38 PM

[Diablo III]The Gamescom 2013 is coming now, and the Blizzard would make some a special announcement. What a surprise would blow us? According to the blue post of Blizzard, most of games forum predict that Diablo 3 Expansion announcement would appear. Meanwhile, most of players indicate they can’t wait it any more. As we all know there are more than two moths that Diablo 3 has not any updated. Facing the loss of players, Blizzard would bring us what kind of surprise in the August?


Diablo 3 Expansion Announcement Hinted for Gamescom

While, before the new expansion and 2.0 item system released. You can keep eyes on our site, we not only provide the latest news of D3, but also we supply the cheap gold of Diablo III with cheapest price online. As a loyal Diablo players, what should we do just consist on playing this game as usual. Well, maybe you will feel boring when farming in the same maps everyday. At this time, we can choose to share more suggestions with Blizzard or just AFK for a while. For my personal view, Diablo III is the gorgeous online which deserves us to spend more time on enjoying it.


Although this news is predicted by the European Media, but I still believed that Blizzard would bring us a different and exciting darkness world right now. Meanwhile, we do really need some stirring news stimulate us to farm hard. In this lucky August, we hope all players would get what you need here.


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