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Look! The Goblin deserves you to fight!

8/5/2012 3:01:14 PM

Have you ever searched him hardly then trampled by countless monster?
Or, have you ever felt helpless when watched him been teleported?
Why the unassuming little guy can make us exciting and tug at the heartstrings?
Even though the splendid big boss also can't hide his brilliant rays!


Believe or not,the first time I lost my life was on the way of tracke down the Goblin.At that time it was too young,ignored the ADD and wondered around the desert.When i awared of the problems of survival,a Gold Goblin and three Blue Goblin rushed to me,then in the ground was my banner.I looked the cruel Goblin with the expression in one's eyes that was sad and gloomy.After revived health i cleaned up all the monsters in map and wondered around desert more than one hunders times.What's a pity!I couldn't find out the escaped treasure.In the end,i have learned that the Goblin can be teleported!From that time,i was determined to never let Goblin go!Now,this article aims to talk about the drop of Goblin and the details of fighting in the real battle.This isn't the technical posted but for fun and this years the treasure that we tracked down !

There are four Goblin in D3:Treasure Seeker,Treasure Bandit,Treasure Goblin,Treasure Pygmy.Althought all the Goblin looks trinkle and brilliant,observe carefully you can find that the packsack with different light,as follow:Grey,White,Blue,Gold.

The pacsack with senior blue the drop equipment will more than the others.According to statistics,without the buff,the gold treasure pygmy droped average 3-4 equipments,while,the grey Treasure Seeker droped average 1-2 items.The dropped quantity are different,but the probability of dropping thr rare and legend are the same.Meanwhile,the MF of player and mercenary may affect the quality of drop items.However,it's worth mentioning the blue posted that with 5 buff to beat Boblin can gain a extral Gold Items.So,th professional Treasure Hunter need 5 buffs then to track down Goblins.Usually,if we have encountered the Goblin there was no need 5 buffs to deal it !

At many times,that Goblin stroll open the portal and sped away,left me alone laied in the floor with with a sardonic expression.Honestly,as the treasure thieves,Goblin only own 2 skills!

* Run Like Hell
For this skill,if you are in the inferno and you couldn't pass the boss easy and quick,the best thing is clean up all the monsters around the Goblin.I suggest that you'd better to dismiss the mercenary due to them always release an arrow to the Goblin.Cleaning up the monsters that you can around behind of the Goblin regional , sometimes you will find that Goblin appeared arrive in the way of you travelled before.

* Opening the door
Sometimes Goblin will summons a teleport portal, once they succeed teleport to other place with your treasures,you can never obtain that anymore.For the endurance flow of the barbarian is all hurts. So,if you notice the Goblin you'd better clear out small monsters as far as possible.We can change a DPS equipment heartily of rush Goblin.If them with little blood and fall down,whil they still to summon portal, it doesn't matter !You can stop them! So, once you encounter the Goblin you have to track down with them can don't need to use your precious control technology.What's important, the key moment is interrupt transmission and hold on all treasures!

Although our Goblin without luxuriant skills and attractive story background, but he can always bring us stimulus and surprise! when you see a glittering treasures that firmly to catch it!That all stand for your individual character. Before that, don't forget to roar: It 's my precious!