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The Analysis of Diablo 3 Monk Skill Builds

7/31/2013 9:43:32 AM

[Diablo 3 Guide]As for now, Diablo III has been around us almost for one year. During the past period, there are various skills build bring us different gaming experience. Besides the treasure searching adventure, the most attractive factor is the multifarious skill build. Now, we are glad to summarize the different build for Monk. Which one would be your favorite?



This build would be the most efficiency choice for Monk to farm gold and upgrade which depends on the high speed attack and AOE damage of Fists of Thunder to trigger the Cyclone. The high DPS is twice higher than your panel damage. At the early stage, most of players can choose this build to upgrade. As for the requirement of equipment, the expert players recommend you ensure the critical hit chance at least about 50%, the attack speed is better fast which would effect the speed of spirit regeneration and the quantity of cyclone. There is no doubt that arm with dual wield weapon has life steal is your proper choice. This build is much flexible, no matter offense or defense that you can play good!



As you can see, this build mainly depends on the Fists of Thunder and Sweeping Wind as the output skill. The passive of Combination Strike is the Coin to enhance three fists power. For my personal view, this build is specially design for Monk. Three fists need the player has high attack speed so that the attack would be more fluently. If you play this build to arm with duel wield is popular. In fact, this build isn’t short of spirit so that you can choose Witch Hour to increase the DPS. Although this build has highly damage, the weakness of offensive would result you lose life easily.



This is the high efficiency build for Monk to farming gold. Depending on the fast spirit speed, you can complete the ultimate sweeping wind. Usually, it is used by the newbie apply in the low paragon level. Of course, we can’t ignore the high DPS of Wave of Light. For this build, we recommend you use the 2-hand weapon or else the high attack speed would result consumption of spirit is fast. To keep the sufficient spirit, you would better choose the Inna’s helm which has the attribute of spirit regeneration.