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Tips for Barbarian Newbie purchase Chest Armor in Auction House

7/29/2013 6:55:55 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Recently, the Blizzard has pay more attention to the Diablo 3 Console version. If you don’t want to experience the PS3, we can still enjoy the game with our friends. Diabloiiigold would always provide the cheap Diablo 3 gold and useful guide for players get more fun in the darkness world. Before the new updated release, you still can come to our FACEBOOK community and take part in the contest gain free gold. We sincerely welcome you visiting! Now, we are glad to guide the newbie of Barbarian to choose proper armor chest in the Auction House.

Immortal King’s Eternal Reign

As you can see, this chest armor has the most important attributes of strength, vitality and all resistance which decides your defensive and survivability. In addition that, 1 random magic property would bring you a surprise! While, although the price of this chest armor is declined, it still has high price in the Auction House now. Of course, different attribute has different price. We recommend you give priority to the strength. If there is damage reduce from elites would better!


Tyrael’s Might

This chest armor which has the attributes of movement speed added. As we all know, the fast speed decide the high efficiency! Meanwhile, the damage against from elites and damage to demons becomes more and more important now. Of course, compared the Immortal set, the total attribute is weakness. Actually, if this armor chest has vitality, there is no life%. You can in accordance with your personal requirement to choose the proper items.

Blackthorne’s Surcoat

This big advantage of this set chest armor is the cheap price! As for the Barbarian, the lack of strength is the shortcoming. According to my personal experience, this Blackthorne’s Surcoat has 250 vitality, three sockets and all resistance about 8,000,000 gold. Actually, we recommend the newbie to buy this one to transit the low level to the middle class. Meanwhile, you would better to purchase the three set of Blackthorne's