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Vote for Diabloiiigold Member Activity

7/27/2013 4:43:46 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]This is Diabloiiigold which provides the professional Diablo 3 series service online. You can not only get cheap D3 Gold here, but also you can get useful guide to upgrade fast. As a professional MMORPG service supplier, we put each client requirement at first consideration. Just enjoy the bottom price and instant delivery here!


The registration time of our Member Activity on July is end, thanks for all the client support! As for now, there are 4 players sign up this contest. Each participant would get 200 member Coins as the prizes. If you get the most votes from here, you can get 200,000,000 gold as reward! Exciting? Well, if you have no chance to take part in this contest, we will hold another interesting activity in next month. Hope you guys would take an active part in our contest and get free gold.


Now, we would like to share the list of participants:

Jared Forman
Diane Fox
Marco Pagliuca
Ni Ming-Min

How to get more votes here?

We believed that everyone would want to get this bid prize here. How can we get the most votes? First, why not invite your friend come here vote for your work? Second, you can share this news link on your public social platform and received more support. As you know, each person has one chance to vote everyday in the same IP address. Good luck!