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The Expert players experience of farming Diablo 3 Gold

7/24/2013 6:32:21 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]After few years of farming gold experience, I would share my personal suggestion with you. Don't pick up the drop items in Diablo III to sell it and earn money, which would result you become poorer. Do you want to know why? Follow us!


We have 60 cases in the package. Generally, there are Life potion, Books and four type gems in the package. Then, 54 cases left. If the items which occupy two cases are lies on top two levels, and the items occupy one cases lies on last levels, you can put on 34 pieces of items. If all these items are disintegrated, you can get Iridescent Tear(Market Average Price =800)and Mystery Essence(Market Average Price =1600, 1600+800=2400*0.85(The Auction House would charge 15% fee) = 2040 gold. 2040*34=69360 Gold. So, each time you can get 7W Gold. Some people would sell out the items in craftsman, but parts of items value little gold. The disintegrated is the most cost-effective!


Next is the question of efficiency. First, supposed us farming gold under 3 Monster Level. Starting from the Festering Wood -> Leoric Highlands -> Fields of Misery, basically our package would be packed within 15 minutes. Each time we can earn 7W D3 Gold. Every time we back to village and sell out all the items as well as disintegrate items would take 3-5 minutes, then you can get 6*7 = 42 W Gold within 2 hours. If we pick up items in alternative which only choose 63 levels items, then we can reduce 3 times back to village. In other words, we can save 20 minutes to farm gold. Because of we only pick up 60 levels items, the possibility to get excellent legendary items is increased. Only there is a valuable rare items you can get, it is worth you back to village over and over.


In conclusion: Although pick up all rare items can earn more money than pick up rare items selectivity, the latter has strong explosive. If you want to depend on disintegrate items to make a fortune, which is a tough adventure. Why not try the second method? At any moment there is chance to get large amounts of Diablo 3 Gold.