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The New Project of Diablo 3 Paragon System

7/23/2013 4:36:08 PM

[Diablo III]Recently, there are lots of posts about the Diablo 3 Paragon System would be adjusted in the future. And the community manager clearly announced that they have plans to flesh the paragon system. If the Blizzard plane to share the Paragon level, how does it work? There is a loyal player publish his idea on the Diablo 3 forum about the Paragon level develop.


The are two speculation we can take consideration. First, if the Paragon Levels go to the account, the five professions shared bonuses of MF/GF. Sounds great? Even though you play as a new character which has 1 paragon level that you can enjoy the high MF/GF. We all know the drop rate means significant for us. Of course, there need some other bonus increased to make it different. Second, Hardcore shared bonuses would remain if a character dies.The detailed information you can visit here:


In the preview news, we post the article about: What different thing you expect in Diablo III? Some of our clients vote for the choice of expanding Paragon level. Meanwhile, some players share his idea with us. Except the MF/GF and primary attributes, we can add the new elements of achievement system bonus in paragon level. For example, as long as you upgrade 1 level within limited time that you can get the unique achievement and there are three bonuses involved in all resistance, movement speed and gold beneficial we can choose. What do you think?


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