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What different thing you expect in Diablo III?

7/22/2013 6:31:31 PM

[Poll]As for now, Diablo III hasn't release the new patch almost for two moths and the new update has no date. Before the BlizzCon launch, we can encourage our imagination to expect something new would come out in D3 world. Besides the more reasonable items system, we need more new element added in this game.


1.Ladder System
In the Diablo II, the success of Ladder System makes most of players remember the exciting moment in the past. The Ladder mode not only keeps the fresh of the game but also arouses the initiative of players to play the game. This kind of racing mode is the trend in the present MMORPG. Would you want the Ladder System would appear in the Diablo III again? Vote for it!

2.New Profession Added
Recently, the manager in the community announced there isn't plan for patch 1.0.9. At the same time, development team makes effort to prepare the new factor for the game. What do you think of there will be new character added in the future? There is no doubt that Diablo III is different from World of Warcraft which wouldn’t update new patch regularly. To create powerful and repeat playability is the keyCoin!

3.Endless Dungeons
According to the latest news of official staff interview illustrate that Endless Dungeons has been prototyped and tested internally. Are you expected it? As a loyal player in Diablo III, we eager to challenging lots of difficulty and exploring the unknown world. The endless dungeons would increase the new world to attract players enjoy the game. Isn’t it? Let’ waiting for it!

4.Expand Paragon Level
As for now, most of players have arrived at 100 paragon level for five professions. After all the players finished the 100 level, what should we do? So, to expand paragon level would be most likely adjustment.