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Wizard Tank Archon Build

8/2/2012 4:18:55 PM

Having played Diablo 3 for over two months, my Wizard has slain Diablo in Inferno Difficulty Mode. From the initial Energy Armor for life per second to Energy Twister and Frost Nova, and now the set of skill combinations that I invent myself, you can see the joy the D3 offer. Diablo III give the players limitless room to create their own style. 1000 reader have 1000 Hamlet. As the personal imagination, understanding of class and skills vary a lot, the set of Diablo 3 skills vary.


Below, I will introduce my own mix of skills and practical effects. I hope this would give you some inspiration.
First, look at my basic data:

I choose the Energy Armor with rune Improved Archon Buff. Armor reaches 7200 and total resistance is around 1000, DPS is 30K. There is no critical damage equipment on my character. Necklaces and rings have added the attack speed. Suit is the With Doctor Zul Martha three sets (clothes, shoes, rings, +55 all elements resistance), second recovery reached 1232. Blood is 20K. It is worth mentioning that 18% movement speed, in addition to the 12% movement speed of the shoe, wrist adds a 6% movement speed. These all make it possible for me to kit-flying the Super Unique when I encounter these tricky monsters. What’s more, I can dodge the involvement of the tricky monsters without using the slow-down skills. Here is my mix of skills:


First, Diamond Skin, Energy Armor and the passive skill Blur offer me sufficient Defense ability. As I act as a tank, so, Teleport with Fracture Rune plus Passive skill Illusionist are my main skills to survive. This mix of skills is the treasure of Wizard. 20k health globe with the Illusionist can play the best in Act 3 and Act 4 (The effect of Illusionist is to cool down your Teleport with Fracture instantly when you suffer 15% health damage).


Second, my main attacking skills are Shock Pulse and Hydra. There is no need for me to explain Hydra as it is the most familiar one for the Wizard. The advantage of Shock Pulse is its interrupting casting magic and penetrating. Shock pulse can penetrate most of the obstacles and owning a steady damage. Most importantly, it does not cost the Arcane Power.


Now there comes the core part of my introduction, Archon combines with Glass Cannon. After I open the Archon, my resistance is up to 1400, and Armor 90000. Improved Archon Rune can give me an additional 25% damage with my resistance. Depending on the armor, resistance and Health return, I can stand still to slay 70% elites. Yes, I am serious, without move to kill those monsters. Then how about another 30%? Do not worry, because I have a 18% movement speed, and 1200 life per second. Hit and Run is a very good choice. In hit and Run process, the monsters will dies under the purple laser of Archon not before long.


Well, this is my set of skill introduction. If you are interesed, you can try this set of tank. You do not need a good set of equipment or a perfect mastery of skills. This is a popular and practical skill for you. If you need cheap Diablo 3 Gold, you are always welcome here. The following is my record of dungeon clearance for your reference. Always visit our website for more practical information.